Meet Ryan

In every single one of the photos below, you will see Ryan interacting with his family, his friends, and society.  Ryan is happy, confident, caring…and yes, like most young men he has had lapses in judgment and made some errors, but he is a good guy, with a solid heart of gold – and he is innocent of the crime he was convicted of.  Please click on the “i” in the upper left corner of the image to read the photo descriptions…

2 Responses to Meet Ryan

  • Lindsy says:

    Ryan is an amazing man and would NEVER hurt a child. What has happened to him is truly sickening!! I have read everything there is to read on his case and I cannot believe he was ever charged with this!! If you take the time to read through his case, you too will see how corrupt our system is. Ryan has lost 9 1/2 years of his life because he tried to save an innocent child, who he loved with everything in him!! I want everyone to ask themselves what they would do if a child was in there arms gasping for air?? Would you just walk away?? Would you do NOTHING?? ANYONE with a heart would try and save that child and that’s exactly what Ryan did!! The sad truth here is that, had he of done nothing and watched her die then he would have had his freedom.. But you see, Ryan is different.. He could never walk away from anyone in need, let alone an innocent child. He could never live with himself if he did!! He loved her so much that he gave his life for that little girl!! Ryan is a hero and should be commended for what he did to try and save her, instead he’s spent the last 9 1/2 years locked behind bars!! Ryan deserves to be free, with the people that he loves!! Please, if you know Ryan, then take a moment and leave a comment for him and everyone who reads page. Everyone deserves to know what a kind, loving, and caring man he is!!

  • Deez Nuts says:

    Considering the San Diego District Attorney wins almost %99.2 of their cases, and defense attorneys win .2 % o the time, you have to consider that quite possibly, the system is rigged. Almost every judge was a former District Attorney, they rule in favor of the prosecution almost exclusively and rule against the defense, to keep any evidence that would exonerate them. The system is rigged, judges think everyone in their courtroom must be guilty, and do their very best to ensure a conviction. I know, I was defense attorney for 25 years, I know the system inside and out. Felony convictions isn’t just about punishment, it is about permanent societal abandonment, keeping people out of jobs, housing, careers, school and keeping them going back to jail, to support their system. It is their system, they designed and built it, and rely on it for their salaries. The court staff, the Sheriff’s the Cops and prison guards all rely on recidivism. Judges dont think rehab works, they say society pays them to put criminals in jail, not rehabilitate them. They don’t give a fuck about their families. The DA grandstands along with the police chief, for political reasons. All of this is done for selfish reasons, but they will tell you how they are keeping the streets safe. But the streets aren’t that safe, because addicts are returned to the streets to commit crimes to support addictions, can’t find decent work or housing, and see no reason to even try to find work. Our system won’t allow them, societal abandonment goes back thousands of years, and it’s time to change. This is a business, pure and simple. and the DEA and cops have no intention on winning any War on Drugs, because they would be out of business.

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