Kerianne_copyrighted1Ryan Mickey has been incarcerated since February 6, 2006 for a crime he did not commit.

The entire situation was blown completely out of proportion by both the Murrieta police and the District Attorney. They took a heroic act and turned it into what they wanted it to be.

The mother of this child, Jennifer Bradley, was beaten by her former husband, Nicholas Bradley, when she was five months pregnant. This beating created a brain injury in the unborn child. As a result of this same brain injury Kerianne Bradley ultimately lost her life. And Ryan has lost his life for desperately trying to save Kerrianne.

The police took the injuries that resulted from Ryan performing cpr for 25 minutes and twisted them, created a story they would sell as “fact” to newspapers, labeling Ryan in their own light as they wanted. When in fact they withheld critical evidence that would explain exactly what was occurring with this child and put Ryan in the public’s eye as a hero, instead of the picture of Ryan that they created. Police and a Prosecutors investigator, were caught lying on the stand. Saying one thing, and then being presented with their own reports or evidence completely contradicting what they had just testified to!

They knew for over the last week prior to her death Kerrianne was violently ill. She was vomiting constantly even in her sleep, without waking, sleeping extensively and not eating.

Karrianns Grandmother, Denise Pou, stated that Kerrianne had strange spots all over her face and wasn’t responding to sunlight shinning in her eyes. These spots, which are called “Petechia” is what happens when something has hemorrhaged. In Kerriannes case the blood vessels in her brain. This occurred days before Ryan was even around. Kerrianne was taken to the doctors as a result of her worsening condition two days before she went into respiratory distress. She was misdiagnosed as having the flu and sent home. None of this information was given to doctors evaluating Kerianne. The doctors were told by police that Kerrianne was perfectly fine until she was with Ryan. So ultimately, the doctors said Ryan must be the one responsible. When in actuality there was a prior brain injury from the time of her birth that reopened 3 to 7 days prior to Ryan even being around. This information was swept under the rug by police and prosecutors. This information and all medical information found by prosecutor’s doctors did nothing but explain exactly what was going on with this poor child and clear Ryan of any wrong doing.

All Ryan did was the right thing and because of that he had his life taken from him due to corrupt police and a corrupt system.

Ryan performed CPR for 25 minutes until paramedics arrived. But it was to no avail, she passed away the next afternoon. And finally, the judge prohibited key pieces of exculpatory evidence that also may have swayed the jury’s findings. In addition, the jury had made their decision of innocence on the murder charges, but was hung 3 times on the lesser charges. The judge insisted on a verdict, the jury had deliberated for over 3 weeks and were hung. Finally, the judge gave the jury incorrect instructions on the lesser charges that gave them no choice but to find him guilty.

Believe what you will, newspaper reporters do not investigate the truth, they print what the District Attorney hands them. Believe what you will, but the police do not try to get to the truth. They shape and mold the evidence to fit the scenario that they create…not what really happened. Believe what you will, but the District attorney would rather sensationalize a case with lies and fabrications in order to further his or her career rather than actually find the truth.

In February 2010 Ryan Mickey was found guilty of a “Special Allegation” for injuries that occurred as a result of frantic life saving efforts preformed improperly by Ryan. These injuries were the result of CPR preformed on a child. This charge carries a sentence of 25 years to life.

Ryan Mickey is innocent and should be set free!

Below is a book comprised of letters of character reference for Ryan to the judge, as well as detailed medical testimony at the end of the book, which supports Ryan’s innocence. Please take the time to read them all. Thank you.

56 Responses to Ryan Mickey is Innocent and Should Be Set Free!

  • Lindsy says:

    Ryan is an amazing man and would NEVER hurt a child. What has happened to him is truly sickening!! I have read everything there is to read on his case and I cannot believe he was ever charged with this!! If you take the time to read through his case, you too will see how corrupt our system is. Ryan has lost 9 1/2 years of his life because he tried to save an innocent child, who he loved with everything in him!! I want everyone to ask themselves what they would do if a child was in there arms gasping for air?? Would you just walk away?? Would you do NOTHING?? ANYONE with a heart would try and save that child and that’s exactly what Ryan did!! The sad truth here is that, had he of done nothing and watched her die then he would have had his freedom.. But you see, Ryan is different.. He could never walk away from anyone in need, let alone an innocent child. He could never live with himself if he did!! He loved her so much that he gave his life for that little girl!! Ryan is a hero and should be commended for what he did to try and save her, instead he’s spent the last 9 1/2 years locked behind bars!! Ryan deserves to be free, with the people that he loves!! Please, if you know Ryan, then take a moment and leave a comment for him and everyone who reads page. Everyone deserves to know what a kind, loving, and caring man he is!!

  • MelissaClark says:

    Hey Ryan, not sure if u remember me from OG but we had same circle of friends. I had no idea this is where you ended up, its terrible to hear, and I hope its not for much longer! I read all I could find on this, and Im behind ya! Just wanted to let you know you have my support, and Ill do my best of spreading the word. Best wishes for you and your fight for freedom.

  • Jennifer Pierce says:

    Wow…I don’t even know what to say. Not sure if Ryan remembers me, but we were friends from high school. I was talking about Ryan the other day to my boyfriend (prior to knowing what was going on with him). We were driving on the 15N and I happened to look up towards Hidden Meadows where Ryan lived when we were in school and it made me think of him. This story is heart wrenching. You have my support! Keep fighting, Ryan! I will help spread the word.

  • Janette says:

    He is a great man,father,husband,friend an would never hurt a child just opposite when it comes to that he would only do an take care of a child weather comes to his own or somebody else’s,..this is truly injustice what has happened to ryan..I will help spread the message an help you an your family get thru this,keep holding your head up an keep fighting an those around you will be hind you helping you..

    • Dave says:

      Convicted of a “special allegation”. Unpack the definition of “allegation”, and his “charge” (really a lack there of any) reads as: Ryan is being convicted of a “claim or assertion, usually without proof”. What a nebulous conviction. At the very least, it engenders an appearance of judicial impropriety.
      Reexamine this case please.

  • Ry Luke says:

    I can’t believe this has happened to such a caring, mild mannered, honorable person like Ryan. I have know Ryan for many years, and I know what a genuinely nice person he is. He always looks out for others, and has always gone out of his way to make sure other people are ok, before even thinking of himself. He clearly doesn’t deserve this prison sentence.

  • Chris says:

    I think it’s unfair it doesn’t sound like he did anything wrong

  • Liam Brennan says:

    Ryan is a good man and deserves to be set free to be with the ones he loves. Read the story and make your own opinion. I’m sure you will side with me.

  • Wade nally says:

    I dont believe Ryan did anything to harm that child I believe he was trying to save a life I grew up with Ryan I never saw him hur anyone I believe he is innocent god luck Ryan I behind you my friend

  • Andrew shaver says:

    I lost touch with Ryan over the years due to the bad decisions of my life . He was one of the first people I looked for when I finally got my life together . You could imagine my shock when I heard what had happened. When I first found out I knew there must of been a mistake , he would never hurt anyone . Especially a little girl. He has always been a protector , someone who would always go out of their way to help you or anyone in need . It’s always been his nature to help . I am just disgusted with our justice system this is truly a foul injustice . Ryan is and will always be my big brother and I have faith the truth will come out and my brother will come home . I will spread the truth for him and if you read his story you will spread it too

  • Lance Spry says:

    When I found out about my buddy Ryan and what had happened, I was in disbelief. I’ve known Ryan for over a decade, he is one of the most selfless, generous people I know. He would not hesitate to give you the shirt off his back, so I find it hard to believe that Ryan was doing nothing short of trying to help this child. I am a firm believer that justice always prevails at the end android judgement will be reversed. Let God be the vindicator!

  • Jamie hastings says:

    This is sad

  • Baily says:

    Ryan is a wonderful man he deserves to be home with a happy family where he belongs Everything that they have done to him is very sad and wrong. I know Ryan would never hurt any child or human being. He has been helping my mom since she had an adverse reaction to medicine that doctors prescribed her. She could barely get out of bed in the morning it was very devastating for my family to see. But now thanks to him I wake up every day to see my amazing and beautiful mother. I can’t wait for the day he is released and home with us then we can all be a safe and happy family.

  • Tiffany Nastasi (Nally) says:

    I have known Ryan since I was 13 years old. We have a lot of history together haha. He was my neighbor/best friend. Ryan was always a free living spirit that’s why we got along so well. Ryan was a true friend that was always there for you!! No matter what. I truly believe that Ryan is being charged with false allegations and needs to be set free. An innocent man is loosing years of his life with his loved ones for no reason. Please let justice set him free. Ryan I think of you often and you and your family are in my prayers and thoughts. 🙏🏻

  • Chris Flores says:

    I met Ryan Mickey back in 1999. I was shocked and quite disturbed when I found out what he was being charged with. These charges are so far out of character for this man. Mickey has always very kind hearted and was always willing to help anyone. I know Mickey would never do such a thing. Justice has to prevail and truth needs to be told. There is a innocent man in prison paying for crime her did not commit and God be with him and get him through this tragedy. FREE RYAN MICKEY!

  • Mike Beltran says:

    I’m an old friend of Mickey’s and these charges are false. He would never hurt a child, there is no way. He would come to anyone’s aide and always wore a smile. Mickey, if you are reading this, Felspar St. has your back.

  • Karen Medley says:

    My husband and Ryan used to be roommates. During that time, I spent quite a bit of time around him. I got to know his character quite well; he was very kind, a loyal friend, and always willing to help someone out. He quickly became part of our family. It’s heartbreaking knowing that someone who would do anything to save the life of someone else, especially a child, has been behind bars for so along, away from the ones he loves. I can only hope that the justice stystem comes through for him and he can soon be reunited with his family and friends. We love you, Mickey.

  • Josh says:

    Ryan always was a great friend to me. I was family! I miss his encouragement to get things done starting early in the morning. He was always fun to be around. I really love that man and his hard work and kindness. Miss you brother!

  • I can’t believe this is what happened to Ryan. He was my boyfriend for quite some time. We met while surfing together on the North Shore. He lived on the Big Island and spent most of his time during the winter on the North Shore of Oahu. He is such a great guy and one of my favorite people!
    It’s just like him to put someone else before himself. He doesn’t deserve this! This is so wrong! How can those crooked cops get away with this! How can that piece of crap “dad” who beat up his pregnant wife and caused this brain injury get away with not facing murder charges for what he did?! This whole thing is so wrong! There’s a good person who’s done nothing wrong sitting in prison for only trying to help a poor child and the scumbag father who hurt this child is free?? What the hell is wrong with this world? Ryan is such a sweetheart and must be so heartbroken. I only pray this HUGE Injustice is righted soon! He belongs in the ocean, not in prison!

  • Brian Stephen says:

    Let this guy out already!!!! He does not deserve to be there, FREE RYAN MICKEY NOW.

  • Maya Gabiera says:

    I met Ryan in Waikiki at a restaurant he worked at. We became friends automatically! He was such a free spirit and so much fun to be around. I had just moved to Hawai’i from my home country of Brazil. Ryan spoke very good Spanish and enough Portuguese for me to understand him. I barely spoke much english so we were always hanging out. We surfed every day together and always had so much fun. I know he lived in Costa Rica for a long time and had figured just gone back. I can’t believe this is what happened to him. He is a genuine, kind, loving, good hearted person. I know whatever happened, Ryan did the right thing. I know he wouldn’t just stand by and let a child die. I know he did everything in his power to help that little girl.
    Ryan we all love and miss you here on the Islands, get home soon! God bless Ryan and his family.

  • Vanessa Medley says:

    I met Ryan through my older brother, Vic, Ryan instantly became part of our family, he is a big brother to me. Ryan has always been loving, kind and a loyal person. What he has been accused of is unfair and cruel. The justice system needs to revert there decision and come through for Ryan. He deserves to be free. I pray that happens soon! Love you Mickey! We are always thinking of you!

  • Micah " Jackson " korda says:

    My friend…let’s get you back where you belong. Enough is enough.

  • Sandee Moore (Utah) says:

    I have never met you or your beautiful Lindsy. Reading about your case has me given me so much doubt about our justice system. My heart breaks for you and your family. You being sent to prison, while trying to grieve for the loss of a child as well as grieving for the loss of what your life was and could have been, is even more heartbreaking.

    Know that you’re thought of often everytime I see FB posts. I look forward to meeting Lyndsy in person as she is such an amazing and encouraging woman. I also hope to someday meet you as well. You are not a monster. You are strong and resilient and you WILL get through this. I pray that the system will take a real hard look at your case and think logically and realistically. I just shake my head in disbelief at the verdict.

    Sending hugs, good vibes and prayers!!

  • Gary Ousdahl says:

    Ryan Mickey was my childhood friend. He was nothing but a great friend and a good person. There is no way Ryan is guilty. He is an innocent man and deserves to go home to his family.

  • Tisha Burchfield says:

    Sad, yet heroic situation turned into a nightmare caused by law enforcement! How do they sleep at night! Shame on you all!

  • Betsy Borkiewicz says:

    This is a real Injustice!! Lock up the man who beat the woman that injured the child which is a REAL CRIME!!! Shame on a fixed system just to sensationalize it when a man tried to save her!!
    Betsy Borkiewicz, Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • Brian Davenport says:

    This man was trying to save the baby, this case needs to be reopened and maybe start looking at the husband who viciously assaulted the mother before the baby was born!!!!

  • Nate Sams says:

    Bad police investigation has to stop they need to be held accountable for their bad work they are here to find the criminals and not just try and pin it on anyone to try and get the case moved on with false evidence or lack of evidence to convict some one , people are suppose to trust police and the judicial system . it going to be that if you do or if you don’t help someone who is in need of CPR or in a life threatening situations you will be convicted either way , I do know there is a law thatif you perform CPR and the person is unresponsive you can help with out being charged with assault .
    With all evidence needs to be taken into consideration to better find out if he is truly done anything wrong … Cops rail road and one side there investigations this need to stop and they need to do real detective work …

  • Duane Tebbe says:

    This man, Ryan Mickey, I know to be innocent of the charges against him. He’s a good man who who did the right thing. Please make this right and fix this injustice.

  • Autumn Wilson says:

    He is innocent, all he did was try and save her life. It isn’t his fault for what happened to her.

  • Andrew Moore says:

    Ryan Mickey is a old and dear friend. Although when he was taken away it was like another friend dying I was recently able to reconnect and find out that he is a still a strong and resilient person. Nobody deserves to have their life taken away for trying to do the right thing. We love you Mick and want you back!

  • David Ochoa says:

    Im well aware prosecutors will twist the truth to win a conviction and advance their career

  • Monique Morena says:

    Justice will prevail and the truth shall unfold! God bless Ryan and his family through this terrible injustice that they find themselves in…USA Land of the Free???

  • Erica Krueger says:

    I knew Ryan when we were young. He was always a nice kid. I have read all the facts to this story and believe a terrible injustice has been done. I am glad that little girl got to know the love of a patent for her short time on this earth. I hope justice is served, sadly this good man has lost over 10 years of his life already for trying to save a life.

  • Tanya Erickson says:

    Nothing about this is right! This man was caught in the middle of right or wrong, in which he chose RIGHT! He obviously loved and cared for this child and ultimately gave his life for her. This is so sad. I just hope justice prevails for this hero! God bless

  • Wailana Ko'olani says:

    I was with Ryan for a while when he lived on Oahu. He absolutely adores children and would do anything to protect them! He taught many kids how to surf. Including my little brother Koa who was only 5 years old at the time. His spirit shines into anyone who has the pleasure of knowing him! He is a kind, old soul who loves the ocean and nature! He is a friend anyone would be lucky to have! Being around him always put a smile on my face, and his smile can melt your heart!
    Knowing him, even through all he’s gone through, i bet he still has that smile on his face! You can’t break a man like Ryan, he’s too pure to be overcome by anything!
    I pray he sees justice soon! Aloha

  • Maria Medina says:

    Ryan’s innocence needs to be proven sad sad that an innocent man and his family has lost 10 yrs of there life for a wrongful conviction…

  • Diana Rodriguez says:

    How can someone be penalized for trying to help somebody who was already dying? Isn’t 10 yrs enough for the mistake of trying to help a child!

  • Former Deputy Sheriff says:

    I worked in the jail where Ryan spent 5 years in solitary confinement fighting this case! I and many other deputies listened in on his court hearings and found out very quickly what we were upholding… A CORRUPT SYSTEM!!
    I heard evidence being presented that CLEARLY proved Ryans innocence and the next day none of what was presented in court was printed in the newspaper! Doctors admitting the evidence, the science proved him to be innocent and yet none of this was printed. Only lies & fabrications! I witnessed authorities being presented with their own reports depicting a completely different scenario in which they had just testified to. They lied! People who we trust to prorect the public, uphold the law, lying on the stand under oath!
    Ryan was railroaded by our “Justice System”…
    I no longer work for the Sheriffs department. I will never forget this case or the HERO who remained humble and stood strong through all he went through and continues to go through. I pray justice is soon served. Good luck Ryan Mickey!

    • Lindsy says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time and sharing this comment with everyone. There definitely needs to be more honest people like you in our justice system. We are working with the innocence project right now and your statement could be really substantial to Ryans case. If you could please email me at:
      This will be completely confidential and your information will not be shared. We would like to send your name and comment to the innocence project to help bring home. Please feel free to contact me anytime. Thank you again for your honesty!!

  • Tara Fulger says:

    Free this hero!!!!

  • Sandra Munoz says:

    He did the right thing . I would of too !!

  • Sharon Lippert says:

    When does common sense come into play in these cases. It’s preposterous. Free this man. Thank you.

  • Kimberly Lindsay says:

    This is a devastating event that occurred in a man’s life who was trying his best to save a life. He needs freedom immediately!!!

  • Alyssa Young says:

    I’m signing because it seems to me that Ryan is a good Samaritan. Being a good Samaritan, there is certain protection from the law. He shouldn’t have to be held responsible for pre-existing injury of the child. Anyone in Ryan’s shoes would not know that the child has pre-existing condition that would aggravated to death. Ryan has no intention of causing harm to the child. The most the court could find of Ryan is negligent and only if the child’s pre-existing injury was obvious. But here, any good Samaritan would not find the child to be fragile. In sum, it is unjust to imprison a good Samaritan for long jail sentence. If this being the case, no one will dare to do CPR on anyone in the future and so many people may die as a result of people only care about their own business. Thank you for your attention. Dear Lord, please send war angels to fight for Ryan for his freedom. Thank You, Lord!

  • Gail Lary says:

    I am Ryan’s cousin. Everything everyone here has stated
    is true. We need him back with us to complete our family. I am proud of him for never losing touch with who he is, brave in the face of adversity, loving in the face of injustice. His innocence is proclaimed loudly by his life.

  • Leona Adams says:

    I Have read everything related to this case AND HE IS MOST DEFINITELY INNOCENT!!!!!
    Leona Adams, Lake Wales, FL

  • Cynthia Yumi says:

    I’ve only known Ryan for a few years now, but I knew right away he was a good hearted man. He is respectful and would do anything for a friend or family member. He always treated me with kindness when I saw him. It breaks my heart knowing he is still doing time for some anyone would do in his position. It’s a shame how backwards our justice system works. Ryan deserves to be home with his family, friends, and his fiancee. I love you, Ryan. Keep your head up and I’ll keep praying for you.

  • Cynthia Yumi says:

    I’ve only known Ryan for a few years now, but I knew right away he was a good hearted man. He is respectful and would do anything for a friend or family member. He always treated me with kindness when I saw him. It breaks my heart knowing he is still doing time for something anyone would do in his position. It’s a shame how backwards our justice system works. Ryan deserves to be home with his family, friends, and his fiancee. I love you, Ryan. Keep your head up and I’ll keep praying for you.

  • Wanda Jones says:

    The system isn’t where it needs to be, the media makes a huge impact on a persons life when they start printing heresay, expecially to a jury.
    Wanda Jones, Aynor, SC

  • Candace Hoyt says:

    have seen the system destroy the lives of innocent individuals. It has to stop. Set Ryan free!
    Candace Hoyt, Meridian, ID

  • Kristina Saul says:

    I have seen first hand where prosecutors and cops will convict an innocent person to benefit them in their career and THIS HAS TO STOP!!!
    Taylor, MI

  • Kurt Kaltmaier says:

    Hold on Ryan – We all love and support you!

  • Tiffinie Chambers says:

    I am in support of this great man being released and all charges dropped. He would never do anything to hurt anyone.

  • Arlo says:

    Sadly, no good deed goes unpunished.
    Ryan is a victim of the system, there needs to be justice!

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