Chapter 1 – Meeting Jennifer

I was living a great life teaching children and families how to surf in Costa Rica. I decided to move back to Hawaii after years in this beautiful country. I needed a change of pace. I made arrangements with my family and flew back to the United States. I lived on Maui & the Big Island for years, but i decided to move to Oahu because I had more opportunity for steady employment there. I was in Temecula at my parent’s new home for only two days. In that time I made a decision that would change my life forever. I went out with a few friends that had begged me to go out with them. Knowing I had to be at the airport at 4:00 a.m. I reluctantly went with them. Well, that’s when I met Jennifer Bradley. We hit it off right away. Well, unfortunately, I was leaving in the morning for the islands so the attraction was not realistic. We exchanged numbers and parted ways. At 3:45 am I received a phone call from Jen wishing me a safe trip and that she really liked me and was determined to make something work for us. I agreed that there was a definite connection and I’d be in touch with her.

I moved to Oahu and got settled. I found a fantastic job as a captain at a 5 star French Restaurant called Patavanies. Then found a second job with a tourism company taking people from their hotels up into the jungle to swim in the waterfalls. For what reason would anyone leave such a life? I talked to Jen everyday making plans for her to join me in paradise. She was, so it seemed, game to come out. Well this plan turned into her wanting me to be with her out in Temecula. Well, we all do stupid things for love…..All I knew about her is what she told me. She told me she was married and in the process of getting divorced. Her husband, Nicholas Bradley, was serving four years in prison for beating her half to death. I felt so bad for her and felt even more determined to be with her and make her feel safe. I decided to leave my paradise and be with this woman. So I made arrangements to leave Hawaii and return to the mainland to be with Jennifer.

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